Q: Is there a cure for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)?

A: No, at the present time a cure for EoE has not been found. Our team of experts can help your child manage his EoE with dietary recommendations and, if necessary, medications.

Q: Could my child outgrow EoE?

A: Researchers are not quite sure yet. EoE was discovered relatively recently and much remains unknown about the disease. However, there have been reports of people having outgrown allergies to one or two of the foods that were causing their EoE.

Q: Will my child be all right?

A: Your child will need to make some dietary and lifestyle changes, but EoE is not life-threatening and it’s very treatable.

Q: What is my child allergic to?

A: It’s often hard to know for sure. The allergists have different ways of determining which foods your child is likely to be allergic to, and we can remove them from your child’s diet and see if his symptoms improve.

Q: Are there any foods that kids with EoE tend to be allergic to?

A. Foods that seem to be most likely to trigger EE include:

  • milk (and all dairy)
  • egg
  • wheat
  • soy
  • chicken
  • beef
  • corn

Q: Could environmental allergies be causing my child’s symptoms?

A: Yes, this is possible – your child’s allergist will test for these, too.

Q: Should my child’s sibling avoid the same foods?

A: No, there’s no reason for the sibling to avoid the same foods – if your child has it, there’s a one in ten chance another family member will as well

Q: Should I tell my child’s school about the diagnosis?

A: Yes, most definitely. Your child’s teachers and school nurse can encourage them to follow his/her diet at school and provide alternative snacks or treats when appropriate.