Functional Abdominal Pain

Functional abdominal pain refers to real pain that is experienced despite the fact that there is no blockage, inflammation, or infection to indicate pain.

Chronic abdominal pain (2 or more months) in otherwise-healthy children.

Despite the lack of identifiable causes, the pain is real. It is due to the digestive organs being extra sensitive and/or changes in gastrointestinal movement patterns. It can be triggered or made even more severe by viral/bacterial infections or episodes of stress or constipation.

Work with the child, doctor, and family to manage functional abdominal pain through behavioral changes. Identify, manage, and avoid pain triggers such as constipation, stress, and lactose intolerance to reduce pain. Handle pain episodes with breathing exercises and meditation to reduce pain. Do not allow the child’s pain to become a reason for missing school or changing social activities. The physician may recommend additional medication treatments.

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REMINDER: This information is intended to provide general information and should not be used to base a diagnosis or treatment. Please consult the doctors about your specific condition and the approach for treatment.